Never-ending mmWave signals. That’s our vision.

MmWave signals everywhere, outside and inside. Fewer base stations so less energy is used. Longer battery life for mobile devices on the network. The end of dead spots. This is our mission.


S.B. Cha, PhD


S.B. has over 25 years of business creation experience and has launched several category-shaping products in the display and smart products markets. He is a founder of Suiso Ltd and Cambridge Touch Technology Ltd. He previously served as the CEO of Kinestral Technologies and ACAL Energy. He holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College in London and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Arokia Nathan, PhD


Arokia has 30 years experience in developing display technologies, semiconductors, and heterogenous integration. Formerly the Professorial Chair of Photonic Systems and Displays at Cambridge University where he is currently a Bye-Fellow and Tutor at Darwin College, he is a Fellow of IEEE and Fellow of IET. He is a founder/co-founder of four companies, including Ignis Innovation in Canada and Cambridge Touch Technologies, Ltd. He has authored 600+ publications and holds over 150 patents.

Ryosuke Kuwada


Ryosuke has over 35 years of experience with large corporations and startups. He was formerly VP of Business Development for E Ink Corporation and Head of Corporate Planning for Toppan Printing. He is currently an Advisor to Tokyo National University Venture Capital (IPC) and serves on the Board of Directors for Japan Display Inc. and RS Technologies Inc., both of which are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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